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Gas Boiler Replacement Cost

We provide two types of boilers –

1. Gas Boiler – These boilers are an ideal choice for homes that have a traditional heating and hot water system. The hot water system needs to be connected with a separate hot water cylinder. One cold water storage tank is needed to feed the hot water cylinder and a tank maintains to maintain the water level of the central heating system.

Gas boiler replacements are perfect for homes with high usage of hot water and if your home has more than two washrooms. Gas boilers work well even in low water pressure. These are compatible with solar water heating systems.

Worcester Bosch Boiler offers

From €1,995

new gas boiler dublin

Potterton Boiler offers

From €1,750

gas boiler replacement cost

Ideal Boiler offers

From €1,920

new gas boiler ireland

Viessmann Boiler offers

From €2,190

gas boiler replacement dublin

Volera Boiler offers

From €1,950

new gas boiler

Oil Boiler Replacement Prices

2. Oil Boiler – Oil boilers use kerosene or heating oil. Oil boilers are useful if the facility of mains gas is unavailable. Oil boiler functions in the same way as a gas boiler. Oil is more efficient fuel in comparison to the gas.

Oil boiler replacements are condensing oil boilers and are more energy-efficient than the older versions of oil boilers. The new ones run at energy efficiency of more than 90%. Older oil boilers were only 60% energy efficient. If you have an old oil boiler it’s time to replace it and get a new one.

With either of our two types of new boilers in Dublin you will save money on your monthly heating bills by upgrading. Your boiler will be more energy efficient and be much better for the enviornment.

Firebird Boiler offers

From €2,805

oil boiler replacement

Grant Boiler offers

From €2,930

oil boiler

Is Your Boiler Working Properly?

Replace Boiler have put together an easy to understand guide for assessing if your boiler is working properly. It is important to service your boiler every year in order to keep it in perfect working condition and prolong the life of your boiler. Click here to see our 5 signs your boiler isn’t working properly.