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You may be eligible for a new boiler grant

Are you eligible for a grant to pay for your new Boiler in Dublin?

Below are some essential tips about grants for boiler installation in Ireland.

What is the Better Energy Home Scheme?

The Better Energy Homes Scheme from the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) provides homeowners (including landlords) with access to grants to improve the energy efficiency of their homes. The Better Energy Home scheme is commonly referred to as a ‘Boiler Grant’.

How much is the Grant on Boilers worth and when is it paid?

Grants on boilers are paid only after the work is completed and you have paid your contractor. If you are eligible for the grant you will receive €750 toward the cost of upgrading to a high efficiency (more than 90% efficiency) gas or oil fired boiler with heating controls upgrade.

The grant is paid directly to your chosen bank account after the work has been completed.

Am I Eligible for a New Boiler Grant?

Am I Eligible?
To qualify for grant funding under the scheme you must:

  • Be the owner of a dwelling built before 2006 (IE No later than 31/12 2005)
  • Use an SEAI registered contractor – all our Installers are SEAI approved contractors
  • Use newly fitted materials and products
  • Have work done that complies with the required standards
  • Have a BER carried out after the works are completed
  • Use a BER assessor from SEAI’s National Register – all our BER assessors are SEAI approved

How do I apply for an SEAI grant?

Step 1: Enter your details & MPRN Number (Located on your Bill)
Step 2: Choose your measure
Step 3: Enter your details
Step 4: Agree to the terms and conditions
Step 5: Accept Your Offer
Step 6: Confirmation

See a full overview of the scheme here

Carbon Credits

Carbon credits are a discount provided by the government to some energy efficient boilers as an incentive to upgrade your heating and reduce your carbon emissions. These credits are deducted at source and shown on your estimate. Please note the credit amount varies depending on the type of premises e.g. apartment or house, and boiler chosen.

Home Renovation Incentive

In addition to grant funding under the Better Energy Homes Scheme, you may be able to claim a tax credit on the cost of some of the work. For more information see citizen’s information document on The Home Renovation Scheme. There is also more information on the Revenue website.

How Do I Qualify For A Boiler Grant?

You will need to

  • Upgrade to a high-efficiency boiler (90%+ energy efficient)
  • Upgrade your heating controls
  • Carry out a Building Energy Rating (BER) after your high-efficiency boiler and heating controls have been upgraded

What Are Heating Controls?

To upgrade your heating controls, you will need to zone your heating system and install temperature control measures such as cylinder stats, wall stats, and radiator TRVs (used to control the air temperature of different rooms).

Typical Zones:

  • Zone 1 – Downstairs Heating
  • Zone 2 – Upstairs Heating
  • Zone 3 – Hot Water

For more information on SEAI Grants in Ireland click here

New Boiler Grant

Our team will let you know within minutes if your home falls under the Better Energy Homes Scheme. We will also take care of the grant application process for you. To get the your installation process started now follow the link below.