Best Boiler Brands 2021

Do you need a new boiler in 2021?

If you are looking to install a new boiler the choice available can be confusing. How to select the best brand and type to meet the needs of your home can be mindboggling. When choosing a new boiler there are several aspects to think about including the size of your property and how much hot water you and your family can expect to use.

A good heating installer will offer a range of boilers to suit different needs and budgets. At replace boiler we install both gas and oil-fired boilers and offer a range of brands.

Types of Boilers explained


Conventional boilers require more space and maybe ideal for large homes with several bathrooms. These boilers have a hot storage tank where they store heated hot water for later use.


System boilers occupy less space than conventional boilers and can be a great choice for average-sized homes. These boilers keep the water pressurised allowing multiple taps to be opened at once without any drop in pressure.


Combination boilers are very compact because they have no storage tank. They heat the water drawn from mains and supply the heated water instantly on demand. These boilers are generally preferred for apartments with small families. Combi-Storage boilers are also available which include a small storage tank for hot water.

The best Gas boiler brands for 2021 are:

Worcester Bosch

Considered by many to be the best boiler brand available, Worcester Bosch consistently produces high quality, efficient, affordable and reliable boilers. They have also regularly won the Which? Best combi boiler award for a few of their models, making them a go to brand for a lot of consumers.

Viessmann Boilers

Viessmann are the largest boiler manufacturer in Europe, German made they can be relied upon for their efficiency. Viessmann boilers are ideally suited to the Irish market and are compatible with renewable and alternative energy sources. They offer great value for money, are extremely efficient and reliable. The brand has consistently won Which? Best buy awards over the years and is gaining in popularity in Ireland.

Ideal Boilers

Ideal boilers are British made and have grown in popularity in Ireland over the last decade. They offer quality boilers at affordable prices making them a popular and trusted choice in Irish homes. Ideal boilers consistently achieve efficiency ratings of over 90% and have a no-nonsense warranty and a great customer service record.

Potterton Boilers

Potterton manufacture its range of boilers in the UK. All Potterton boilers are extremely energy efficient and are Energy Saving Trust Endorsed, so they are economical to run and kind to the environment.

Vokera Boilers

Vokèra by Riello has been providing reliable, high efficiency heating and hot water solutions for over 35 years and today they offer a comprehensive range of domestic gas boilers to suit all homes. With 100% of Vokèra boilers being tested before they leave the factory, the Vokèra brand offers peace of mind with a lifetime reliability.

The best Oil boiler brands for 2021 are:

Grant Boilers

Grant offers the biggest and best range of oil boilers on the market and are considered the oil boiler specialists. The Grant condensing oil boiler range comprises some of the most efficient and reliable oil-fired boilers in Ireland. Depending on the age of your boiler upgrading to a new Grant condensing oil fired boiler can save you up to 25% on your annual heating bills. Grant boilers are renowned for their high quality, durability, efficiency, low maintenance and easy installation.

Firebird Boilers

Firebird are a trusted and innovative boiler brand and are continuously redesigning, improving and innovating in their quest for excellence and efficiency. Irish made, they currently manufacture Europe’s most efficient oil fired boiler. Firebird boiler models consistently produce over 90% efficiency making them among the industries top preforming brands.

Choosing the right size of boiler for your home is important to ensure your house is warm enough and that you have sufficient hot water whenever you need it without spending any more than you have to on your energy bills.

The most important things to consider are:

  • Price
  • Reliability
  • Support
  • Warranty

At Ramor Renewables our expert team of engineers work to match your family with a system that is right for your home.

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