It has been a challenging couple of months but thankfully we are seeing businesses opening back up in Dublin.

After the closure of all non essential businesses on Friday 27th of March 2020, businesses in Dublin and nationwide have been struggling with loss of income.

The construction industry has welcomed their staff back to work on Monday 18th of May 2020 during Phase 1 of the Covid 19 reopening plan.

The Coronavirus has brought about some challenging times for the global society. We at Ramor Renewables were delighted to get back on site last week after almost 8 weeks of closure.

It’s great to see so many businesses opening back up in Dublin although some adaptions and changes have been made to nearly all businesses to ensure the safety of staff.

At Ramor Renewables, all employees adapted well to the 2 metre social distance and adhered to the Government Guidelines. Our goal is to keep people safe and to also secure the smooth operations on our sites.

We worked hard to ensure that all safety Guidelines were adhered to, as the health and safety of our employees and customers remain our number one priority. We will continue to follow the Government developments closely and follow all instructions and guidelines given.

We are now looking forward to welcoming the Phase 2 of the Government Roadmap that may allow for us to carry out further works in the households of our clients.

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businesses opening back up in Dublin

Phase 2 is due to go ahead on Monday 8th of June 2020. For Dublin and county’s nationwide we will see the following changes with Phase 2:

  • The advice will be to still avoid unnecessary journeys wherever possible. You will be able to travel up to 20 kilometres away from your home as opposed to the 5 kilometre limit which was in place since 5 May.
  • Up to 4 people may visit another household for a short period of time but everyone must keep at least 2 metres apart from people they don’t live with.
  • People who can work safely while maintaining a 2-metre distance from others. Workers, like those who work on their own, as well as other workers who can keep a 2 metre distance from others can return to work. Social distancing requirements continue to apply.
  • Organisations are to develop plans for a return to onsite working by employees in light of COVID-19, considering: social distancing compliance, hygiene and cleaning, compliance in higher risk situations, plans for medically vulnerable or pregnant people and extended opening hours to enable social distancing.
  • Small retail outlets can reopen with a small number of staff on the basis that the retailer can control the number of individuals that staff and customers interact with at any one time.

For more information on Government Roadmap and all 5 phases, please see HERE.

Thank you for all your support during these difficult times, please check out our website HERE for more information on boiler repairs.