October Discount from Replace Boiler: €300 OFF a Gas or Oil Boiler & heating controls installation.

Replace Boiler are now offering €300 off your gas or oil boiler and heating controls installation when you book your appointment in October. Work must be carried out before the end of December 2020 to qualify for the discount.

As the nights close in and the cold weather fast approaches your home heating system should be working efficiently. If you feel that your boiler is just not performing ie.

Is your boiler noisy, are your radiators not heating properly, is your boiler leaking? Then don’t delay and contact Replace Boiler and we will be happy to help you find the best solution that fits your needs.

By replacing your Boiler and Heating Controls you could save up 40% on the annual cost of your heating bills. Zoned heating controls allow you flexibility and more control over the way you heat your home and hot water. We split your home up into zones i.e. heating & hot water and even upstairs heating, downstairs heating and hot water. This allows you to only turn on the different zones when you need them. For example, during the day you may only wish to heat downstairs and then heat upstairs for a few hours before bedtime. Zoned heating controls allow you to do this and so saves you money.

We at Replace Boiler are here to help from replacing your boiler, helping with grant information to ensuring your finance options work for you! At Replace Boiler from Ramor Renewables, we have all the information you need on your New Boiler.

We pride ourselves on our reputation for the highest quality in workmanship and our excellent customer service.

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