Smart Heating Controls have become hugely advanced in recent years.

With our lives being busier than ever, it’s hugely beneficial to get things done from anywhere and everywhere. Including our Smart Heating Controls.

Smart Heating Controls with Climote are quick and easy to install and give you better control over your home. You can access your home heating on the move from any Wifi enabled device by installing a Climote Smart Thermostat System.

So let’s look at some of the many benefits of upgrading to Smart Heating Controls:

Remote access to your home heating system

Have you ever left the heating or hot water on by accident? Or come into a freezing cold house? Or come home in need of a shower fast but you need to wait for the hot water to heat up? With Smart Heating Controls, all of the above is avoidable. You have full control of your home heating from your phone. Turning the water or heating on or off from work, while doing the school run or at the gym.

Save money

Possibly the biggest reason to move to Smart Heating Controls is to save money! You can easily view how much energy your using in your home and turn of heating controls or turn down when you see fit. A lot of the time we are using too much energy to heat our homes but when you can view it on your phone, it is easier to see the money your wasting while your out and about.

It’s pointless heating your home when no one is home but we often schedule the heating for a certain time but then we are running late – this is hugely wasteful for your energy and your pockets!

Easy to install and easy to use

We will remove your old clock. There are no new wires or cables required. Your 30 minute installation is fuss-free and we can guarantee there’ll be no negative impact on your home. We simply remove your current time clock and replace with your new climote HUB. No taking up floorboards, no unnecessary hassle. Just a fast, tidy installation.

After we install, we will give you a full demonstration on how to programme your new climote HUB and how to use the app, online & SMS services.

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Smart Heating Controls