Why wait until you have serious issues to replace your boiler?

If you wait to replace your boiler, you may regret it! If it’s time for your boiler to go, say goodbye before you waste money on extra bills and extra repairs.

If your still wondering if you should replace your boiler, check out our top signs it’s time to upgrade your boiler below:

Is your boiler more than 15 years old?

Some boilers last 10 years, some last 15 years and some even last 20 years! Although if you got your boiler longer than 15 years than it’s either well past it’s living age or getting close. Either way it’s time to replace your boiler.

This is true even if you aren’t having any noticeable issues with your boiler. Technology in boilers has come on significantly in recent years and the old models just don’t compare in energy efficiency which will cost you more money in the long run.

Is your energy efficiency rating the reason to replace your boiler?

We expect everything to be A class in our lives so why should we expect anything lower from our boiler? If your boiler is not grade A or B you’re more than likely over paying on your energy bills.

An easy way to check your boiler’s efficiency is to look at the rating on its energy label; these labels have a seven-point colour scale, starting from dark green (A-rated) down to red (G-rated), with the most efficient boilers being green.

If your boiler is as low as F or G, it’s definitely time to replace your boiler! On this grade your boilers efficiency is only about 70%. Upgrading to an A grade could save you anywhere from €300 to €500 per year.

Are your radiators taking longer than normal to heat up?

If your radiators are taking much longer to heat up than normal – it could be time to replace your boiler.

If your heating takes ages to heat up fully or the house is never warm enough, or you have your water on but never enough hot water – it’s time to give us a call to check it out.

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To see all the signs that indicate it might be time to replace your boiler, check out our video below!

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