Heating Controls in your home.

Wow the mornings have gotten so cold! Did anyone else think spring was on the way and now we are back to winter weather?

The cars are iced up in the morning. The kids are freezing in the car. Thank God for heating controls right?

We now have so many options of when and how we heat our home. With our busy lifestyles, apps and high tech thermostats are an easy solution to your heating controls.

But first, what are your options and how do they work?


Climote is a very popular heating controls system. The product is simple and allows you to control your home heating from anywhere through a smartphone app or simply by sending it a text message.

The app is available for iPhone and Android users. On the app you can see all your heating settings at a glance, boost your heating on from anywhere, schedule your heating or turn it off.

Amazingly the heating controls also has a ‘Multi Zone’ system which allows you to control up to three separate heating zones.

If you currently control upstairs, downstairs and hot water separately, Climote allows you to do this with added benefit of remote control.

The system doesn’t require an internet connection and will work across Ireland, even in rural areas.

All perfect for our icy spring weather coming home from work!

Tado heating controls

Tado’s system works in a very similar way!

Control your heating from anywhere with the app or via Alexa, Siri and Google. Tado also has a notification system to turn down your heating when no one is home. Which can be a huge help when you forget to turn the heating off.

The heating controls  notices when windows are opened and alert you to see if you need the heating turned down or turned off.

The product is for all manufacturers, for old and new boilers, in combination with radiator thermostats or without. Saving you costs on getting the new system and on-going bills.

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