The cost of heating your home can be an important factor in your household budget. We all want to save money on heating where possible, and one of the key places to start is your boiler. A properly maintained and regularly serviced boiler can result in huge savings on heating costs. Today we’re looking at how your boiler can help you save money on heating.

Regular Servicing Prolongs the Life of your Boiler

All major boiler manufacturers recommend booking an annual service of your boiler. A service by a qualified and registered professional will ensure your boiler is working properly and is in a safe condition. The service will reduce the risk of a breakdown so acts as a form of preventative maintenance, and can also identify potential issues before they become too serious – meaning you’re less likely to have to fork out for a costly repair or replacement.

What Happens If I don’t Service My Boiler?

Dirt and residue can build up in your boiler over time, causing it to be less efficient. This can result in you having your heating on more often and for longer to try and get a better heating result – all leading to increased costs. Build up can also cause the internal elements of the boiler to seize or burn out, leading to your boiler breaking down and needing an expensive repair or even replacement. Your boiler service professional will check pipework and ventilation to ensure everything is in proper working order. They’ll also check for leaks, which could cause damage to your property or belongings, as well as causing the money you’ve spent on your oil or gas bills to go down the drain.

Should I Replace my Boiler?

Booking a boiler service will be the best way to determine this, as an experienced professional can identify issues and determine what is the best solution in the long run. They may recommend a replacement based on the age or level or damage to a boiler, and this may be a far more cost effective solution. If repairs are going to be too costly and there are likely to be future issues with your existing boiler, a new, efficient boiler will absolutely help you save money on heating.

Ramor Renewables are experts in the field of boiler servicing and installation, and we would be delighted to provide you with a free quote for a new boiler. We can also arrange to service your boiler, and our team of registered gas and oil technicians will ensure you are given the very best advice to help you save money on heating. Call us today for more information or click here for your free quote.