5 signs your boiler isn’t working properly…

A boiler that is working inefficiently will at best cost you more money and at worst can be harmful for your health. It’s very important that you have it checked once a year. Below we give you 5 signs to check to ensure your boiler is working efficiently. Please feel free call us to have your boiler checked professionally.


Colder House

You notice your radiators are not as hot as normal. Or there are cold areas in your home that you hadn’t noticed before. These are both sure signs that something is up. Get your boiler checked asap.


Your Boiler is more than 10 years old

If your boiler is more than 10 years old please have it checked. It would be advisable to have your boiler checked once per year to keep it working efficiently.


Your Gas Bill takes a big leap up

It’s normal for your Gas bill to go up and down. We especially notice an increase in Winter. However if you notice a big leap its time to get your boiler checked as you could have issues.



Look out for water leaking in or around your boiler. This should always be checked asap.


Noisy Pipes or Boiler

Odd clunky noises coming from the pipes. Or your boiler or heating system becomes more noisey than normal these are sure signs something is up.

PLEASE REMEMBER : With Gas boilers if you notice any kind of strange smell call us immediately.

By maintaining your boiler on a regular basis you will prolong its life. A faulty boiler will cost you more money in the long run.

Give Fiona in the Office a call on : 014851890 If you are unsure or have questions

Don’t forget we still have our refer a friend offer – if you give our name and number to a friend who needs a new boiler and they book in with us we will gift you a €100 One4all Gift Card to say THANK YOU

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Servicing Boilers | Replacing Boilers | Installing New Boilers In Dublin | Meath | Louth | Cavan and surrounding areas. Do not wait until you have a boiler emergency or a broken heating system – by maintaning your boiler you are prolonging its life so always get it checked !