Though it’s not required to invest in a boiler frequently as boilers tend to last for longer. There might not be any urgency until 10 to 15 years to replace them. But as your boiler ages its functionality and efficiency decreases.

If you’re urgently looking for a new boiler in Dublin, we stock a wide range of cost-effective boilers. Regular servicing will extend your old boilers life but if there is a need for a constant repair then it’s time to get a new one.

Before buying a new boiler, here are a few tips on ways to save money and things you should consider before doing a new boiler purchase.

Know the Types of Boiler Available

Knowing the type of boilers that are available, will help you diagnose the problems and it will make easier to select the new one for you.

Combi Boiler

Combi boilers provide central heating and hot water. These can be gas or electric. Combi boilers are the most preferred type.

System Boiler

These boilers come with a water cylinder and they don’t have a water tank. You get hot water from multiple sources but the hot water can run out.

Conventional Boiler

These have both – a water cylinder and a water tank. You will get hot water from different taps but it needs time to reheat.

The Modern Way of Replacing your Old Boiler to Save Both Time and Energy

  • You can get a price estimate for the boiler replacement within minutes, online boiler quotes take less time and you can get as many as you want from different sellers to compare the pricing.
  • Increase energy efficiency by switching to a condensing boiler. A condensing boiler doesn’t last longer than 12 years. If your old boiler is older than 12 years then it’s not a condensing boiler.
  • New condensing boilers give an energy efficiency by up to 94% whereas the non-condensing ones are efficient only about 85% and this drops to 70% or 50% over the years.
  • One added benefit of using a new condensing boiler is that it reduces your carbon footprint massively. Thus, it helps you in leaving a cleaner and greener planet for future generations.
  • Repairing your old boiler multiple times causes unnecessary loss of time and money. You can save your money over the long term when you buy a new boiler instead of getting the old one repaired multiple time.
  • New boilers come with smart controls that enable you to set the temperature and modern boilers start off at over 90% efficiency.
  • Shopping around the internet enables you to compare the prices as a new boiler price range differs based on the brand, size and type (combi, system or conventional). Not only this the installation prices varies to a great deal. Consider this before making the purchase.
  • Read online reviews to find the best boiler for you that fits in your budget too. It’s not necessary that a hefty price means the boiler is the right fit for you and will match your requirements. You need to check that before making the purchase.


You should consider buying a new boiler if you found yourself in any of these situations – your old boiler is not working, your energy bills are high, a lot of your money goes in repairs. These reasons are more than enough to convince you to look for a new boiler.

Central heating and non-stop hot water supply are crucial for any family to efficiently conduct their day-to-day activities. Thus, a fully functional and efficient new boiler that saves your energy bills is required.


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