A non-operating heating system in winters is a very uncomfortable crisis that no one will ever want to face. While each situation differs to a great deal, you must make the decision depending upon the specific situations you’re facing.

Before the onset of winters, it’s the right time to think whether you are equipped for winter or not. To do this you should check if your boiler needs to be repaired or replaced. It’s important to check for the signs of wear and tear. Though it’s not easy to find out whether your boiler needs a repair or you should replace it.

For your convenience here’s a definitive guide that will help you learn more about when your boiler needs to be serviced and when is the right time to replace it.

You need to be aware of the situations when your boiler will function well after getting repaired and what are the problems when you should consider replacing it. If you’re looking for a boiler replacement in Dublin then read this before purchasing a new one and be sure that your boiler needs to be replaced or not.

Problems when your Boiler Needs to Be Replaced

1. It Smells:

    • If your boiler produces an odour then this means something is wrong in it. In a properly running boiler, the flame will always appear blue. A yellow coloured flamed is an indication of the presence of carbon mono oxide and it’s potentially dangerous. It can lead to carbon mono oxide poisoning in the inhabitants.

Carbon mono oxide is odourless and harmful gas. In such situations please don’t ignore it and check for the symptoms of carbon mono oxide poisoning. People present in the said environment will experience nausea, dizziness, lethargic feeling and headaches. These are symptoms that occur on mild exposure to this poisonous gas.

Prolonged exposure might result in difficulty in breathing, serious damage to your health resulting in death. Get your boiler checked by a technician and if this has happened once and it will be better to replace the boiler.

2. Your Energy Bills are Rising: That’s an indicator to replace your boiler. If you are constantly paying high energy bills and they seem to keep on rising then it will be a better option to replace your old boiler with a new one.

3. Your Boiler is older than 10 – 12 years: The functioning and efficiency of boiler reduces with time. It’s possible that your old boiler is working fine but it’s 15 or more years older. If this is the case then you must consider replacing it. Even 10 to 12 years old boiler might stop functioning in the mid of winter. To prevent that from happening, get it serviced before the season.

4. It Often Needs to be Repaired: You need not spend often in getting the repair work done. If your old boiler needs frequent repairs then it’s the right time to get a new one installed before the winters. So, you don’t suffer unnecessarily in winters if it breaks down again.

5. Boiler is Leaking: If your boiler has a leakage problem and water is leaking out of it then these might be the issues with it – a fault in boiler pressure valve, temperature valve leak, leakage in pipe fittings, corrosion in the system, leaking seals in the boiler pump, corrosion in the heat exchanger. These issues can be resolved by repairing your boiler otherwise replace it.

6. Radiators take too much Time in Heating: One problem that can occur is slow heating of the radiators. This can happen due to multiple reasons. Maybe it has trapped air in it and the radiators might need bleeding. Lock-shield valves are closed. Thermostatic radiator valves are on.

If not these then your radiators might need power or chemical flush. These issues need to be fixed as soon as possible. Get the repair done and if the situation is not resolved then consider replacing your boiler.


If your boiler is working fine then also you can consider replacing an old boiler. If it’s not broken and working fine you can save a great deal on your energy expenses by changing your old boiler with a new and highly efficient model. Look at the options available for you at Replace boiler, if you’re looking for a new boiler in Cavan.

The higher energy efficiency of the new boiler not only translates into savings on your energy bills but it also means conservation of precious energy and less carbon print. Get in touch with us for easy boiler installation in Dublin.