In our most recent blog post, we talked about how regularly servicing your boiler can help you save money on heating. Today we’re focusing on actually replacing your boiler and how this helps save money on heating, but also why it’s good for the environment. An older boiler can require regular repairs and will often not be running as efficiently as a modern boiler, resulting in higher heating costs. Heating our homes make up a large percentage of our annual energy costs, so it makes sense to try to reduce this cost where possible. An older boiler can also become dangerous in terms of carbon monoxide emissions, which is a concern for both your family and the environment.

So what benefits will replacing my boiler have on the environment?

Most modern boilers are known as condensing boilers. These types of boilers actually reuse heat from initial burning process to preheat water entering the boiler. While they are still releasing emissions from burning of fossil fuels, it is on a much lower level than some older models of boiler. A faulty gas boiler can release a far greater amount of CO2 emissions, and a leaking oil boiler can contaminate water supplies.

Modern boilers all have to meet strict energy efficiency criteria. The aim is to reduce emissions as much as possible to protect both you and the environment. They are also more compact  than older models, meaning their design and manufacturing process is more streamlined and has a smaller carbon footprint at the production stage. You can learn more about energy efficiency guidelines here.

replace boiler save money on heating

The higher standards and stricter regulations applied to modern boilers means that can be better maintained and remain running as efficiently as possible. This efficiency will in turn result in helping you save money on heating in the long run. So while you may be concerned about the initial cost of completely replacing your boiler, the long-term benefits part outweigh the negatives. Talk to Ramor Renewables today to find out how we can help your home to become more energy efficient, and get a free quote for a new boiler by simply filling out your details here!