Safety First | Do you need a new boiler?

We are all about safety here at Ramor Renewables. This is why we preach to have your boiler checked. If you need to replace your boiler it is better to do so before an emergency rather than waiting until it stops working.

If you need a new boiler you are better off sorting it sooner rather than later. Since boilers can be expensive, it is advisable to choose one wisely according to your requirements. In case of new boiler installation Dublin and nearby towns have several companies that provide energy solutions, but you must make sure you select a provider with a proven track record. If you have an existing boiler, be watchful of any noticeable slump in performance to prevent the boiler from completely shutting down.

Having a well-maintained heating system in your home is essential to endure the cold winters. Knowing about boilers and how to maintain them is important because it can help in taking prompt action and arrange for the best boiler service Cavan can offer.

Whether you want to purchase a boiler for your new home or replace your old boiler, here are a few things about boilers you should know about

Boiler Types

Choosing the right boiler can help avoid wastage of energy. Therefore, it is important to know about the three most common types of boilers which are

  • Conventional or Heat-OnlyConventional boilers require more space and maybe ideal for large homes with several bathrooms. These boilers have a hot water storage tank where they store heated water for later use.
  • SystemSystem boilers occupy less space than conventional boilers and can be a great choice for average-sized homes. These boilers keep the water pressurized allowing multiple taps to be opened at once without any drop in pressure.
  • Combi or CombinationCombination boilers are very compact because they have no storage tank. They heat the water drawn from mains and supply the heater water instantly on demand. These boilers are generally preferred for apartments with small families. Combi-Storage boilers are also available which include a small storage tank for hot water.

Government Regulations

The new law that was introduced from 26th September 2018 under the Energy-related Products (ErP) Directive strictly limits harmful nitrogen oxide (NOx) emission levels to 120mg/kWh. If you have an old boiler that does not satisfy this legislation, consider replacing it with an eco-friendly boiler.

Seasonal Efficiency

SEDBUK (Seasonal Efficiency of Domestic Boilers in the U.K) is a system used to compare the energy efficiency of the boilers. Pay attention to the seasonal efficiency of your boiler to see how much fuel is consumed to generate heat. Boilers with low ratings can result in elevated fuel costs and hence can turn out to be expensive over time.

Boiler Maintenance

It is necessary to get your boiler inspected periodically because malfunctions can cause dire consequences. The service professionals may perform the following routine checks

  • Check Legal Compliance of Boilers
  • Check Leaks and Corrosion
  • Check Boiler components such as the heat exchanger, main injector, burner, and spark probe.
  • Check Flue for Obstruction
  • Check Gas Pressure
  • Check Operational Faults

In case the service professional finds any major issues, then it is time to get a boiler replacement or repaired by trained technicians.

User Controls

See if your boiler has user controls that offer convenience while setting the temperature. Since overheating can cause boiler accidents, it is important to be able to easily control the DHW (Domestic Hot Water) temperature and the Central Heating temperature. If there is overheating, then immediately call for a boiler service providers. Overheating can be caused due to sedimentation or lime scale buildup in tanks.

Modern boilers compatible with smart controls help you control the heating schedules of your home from your phone. The smart controls facilitate energy efficiency because you can turn your heating on and off remotely.

Boiler Performance

By being mindful of any sudden changes in the boiler operation, you can prevent the boiler from breaking down. Here are the boiler characteristics you need to pay attention to

    • Boiler Noise
      If you notice gurgling or any other strange noises while your boiler is running, it is time to take immediate action. Random noises can indicate a serious problem. Therefore, checking boilers regularly for banging and other unusual noises is advisable.


  • Unusual SmellCarbon monoxide poisoning can be dangerous and therefore any suspicious smell from your boiler should be taken seriously. Call for boiler service engineers immediately to check your boiler for leaks. Installing a carbon monoxide alarm can also alert you of gas leaks.
  • Visible DrippingAny liquid drips or leaks can be a sign of a severe problem and you might have to call boiler replacement technicians who can effectively get it done. The leaks can be due to corroded pipes or faulty pumps and if not taken care of, they can lead to electrical short circuits and other hazards.

The size of the boiler should also be taken into consideration during boiler installation. In case you need to repair or replace a boiler, compare the costs to see which option is better. Also, evaluate the time it takes for a functional boiler to be in place to make sure you do not suffer without an active heating system in your home.