In the modern world, our dependency on energy sources can’t be denied. We can’t imagine living without these energy sources. When the weather conditions are extremely rough and cold, our heating systems keep us warm. In case of extremely cold weather, you rely on your gas boiler to free you from the risk of cold-related illness.

Your gas boiler doesn’t require frequent replacement and it can be functional for decades but there are some benefits of replacing your gas boilers. After prolonged use, your gas boiler is going to wear out and become less effective. Dublin lacks extreme weather conditions and the snowfall is rare.

If you reside here and looking for a boiler replacement in Dublin, this blog is for you stating the benefits of the new gas boiler and why you should think to switch to one.

If your boiler is losing its effectiveness then it’s better to act quickly then waiting for the inevitable to happen in case you are using an ageing boiler. Replace your gas boiler before they stop functioning completely.

If You are Considering Replacing your Old Boiler, Here are the Reasons Why you Should do it Quickly.

1. You will save on your energy bills – Old boilers will consume more energy in maintaining the temperature of your property and the new models are improved in terms of energy efficiency. The efficiency of your old gas boiler could be as low as 55%. In comparison to the old, a new ‘A’ rated boiler will provide energy efficiency to 90%.
60% of any household bills is due to the boiler operation and by switching to a new one you will be able to save 30% of your annual fuel bills.

2. Less need for repairs and servicing – Old gas boilers will require frequent servicing and repairs to function properly and efficiently. Switching to new boilers means less expenditure on repairs and servicing. Though it’s important to regularly service your boiler whether new or old. It’s just that the old ones will require repairs too and that will be an additional cost.

3. More safety – Old malfunctioning boilers impose a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. This puts your family’s health at risk. In old boilers, if certain parts get damaged which will not be visible from the outside you will easily put yourself in the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Check for the signs that your old boiler needs any emergency repair. In case the gas appliance burns with a yellow flame in place of blue flame. Check if the pilot light is going out a lot of times. If there are black stains present on your gas boiler or there’s more condensation in the room.

These are tell-e-tale signs that your old gas boiler needs an emergency repair.

4. Control of temperature – New boilers come with an additional feature of heating controls which allows the users to set the desired temperature. This feature saves your money and makes your home more comfortable. Now you can be more precise and effectively control how much heat is required in your home.

5. Quieter boiler operation – New gas boilers are modified in design and are quieter in their functioning. The noise produced by your old boiler can sometimes be an issue depending upon where it’s located in your home.

6. Smaller in size – Modern boilers come in smaller sizes in comparison to the older models. You get more options related to the placements of these boilers. These new ones can be easily hidden in the kitchen cupboards and they free up the useful space for other things.

A new boiler will improve the efficiency rating and can make your property look attractive too.


Get a warmer and more comfortable home by installing a new gas boiler. The old boiler is comparatively less efficient. This can result in low heating as they struggle to heat your property. A modern gas boiler will definitely create a warmer and comfortable home environment.

If you’re looking for a boiler service in Cavan, do visit our website to check the available options. Select from a range of energy efficient boilers that will work better and for longer, giving you the required peace of mind.